Sunday, December 24, 2017

Chefast Mini Donut Pan Set

This is a great silicone pan set to make the cutest little donuts. I like how a spatula and pastry bags are included to help with the mixing and filling the donuts form. The silicone makes the donuts slide right out! You even get a little recipe eBook from the company. 
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Thursday, December 7, 2017

SHIKSHOOK Margarita Salt Rimmer

Shikshook has another great home bar product! I totally love this salt rimmer for making margarita's  I totally love how it folds out each compartment then you can can close them right back up by sliding them right into each other! The compartments are big enough for your typical margarita glasses. This is such a fantastic buy! 
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Provision-ISR Premium Dash Cam

Now this is a really nice dash cam. I like how it has a metal casing and not the plastic kind. In the hot sun I was always worried about it melting. Now no more worries. Only downside is there is no SD card with it you need to purchase that separately. 
 I like how you receive a magnetic vent phone holder! Thats a nice bonus you also get a download of video instructions which for me is a great plus! I figured out too that you can use the camera for taking just plain pictures! 
 I am very happy with this dash camera. I give it 5 stars.
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Vasonano Laser Christmas Light with RF Remote Control

What a fantastic light show this produces! 
 The lights are red and green with a blue hue for the flashing background. You have a few different settings you can use like fast, slow, intermittent. All from up to 65 feet away from the light with the remote! Now up here in NH the nights get really cold and this remote control sure does come in handy! 
 The light is real easy to install all you have to do is stick it in the ground by the stake that comes with it you need to screw that on to the base of the light. You also could just use the base of the light by just laying that on the ground. I prefer the stake. We have a mobile home and the lights cover the whole side of the home! The whole light part is waterproof. 
 I give this 5 stars.
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

IDStore Universal Air Vent Cellphone Mount Holder For Cars and trucks

This cellphone comes in five colors I prefer black. It is nice and compact but fits my iPhone 6 great the sides pull open to grip the side of the phone tightly. The clip on the back works wonderful for gripping the holder to your cars vent. Then once attached on the vent it can be turned to face and down or sides for your phone. The back part has swivel action. it is a very durable phone holder.
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SHIKSHOOK Cocktail Shaker 25oz & Double Jigger 1oz \ 2oz & 2 Liquor Pourers

This is a very nice set for the bartender in your life or budding bartender. :) 
Comes with the shaker which holds 25 ounces! There is a double jigger included that holds 1 oz or 2 oz. Along with that those great pourers to insert in your liquor bottles like the the bars have! All of this is stainless steel so makes it look classy at least I think so.
Along with everything you already receive you get a nice black velour bag to carry it all in or store it.
The best bonus is inside the book is a card with the directions on how to claim a 150 drink recipe e-book!
I decided to write a review based on my use of the product.
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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks – Set of 4 Telescoping Campfire Sticks

These expandable marshmallow sticks are from the company Tapirus. I really like these I love to roast marshmallows over a campfire. and these are perfect for anyone to use. They can be expanded all the way so children or yourself are not to close to the fire. Such a great idea, they also are good for hotdogs.

 You receive 4 metal expandable sticks they come with little red rubber ends for the pointed ends also that is good for when you store them in the little black bag that comes for easy storage.
I give these 5 stars. If you are interested in purchasing these then please click this LINK