Friday, May 12, 2017

GLISTENY Solar Power Star String Lights 22m 200LED Beads 8 Modes 1800Mah Bulbs Lighting Waterproof for Window Door Bedroom Decor Christmas Tree Built-in one battery Cold Light

These are really nice solar lights.There are 200 mini led lights which look really nice at night lite up. We are going to string ours on our deck on the over hang so they will look like little stars. But I have them on my table on the deck and tried them out. I charged them most of the afternoon and as soon as it was dark enough they came on. You get 8 different modes to use. I prefer the full on one. But there is flashing blinking etc. I am very pleased with these.
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
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Thursday, May 4, 2017

My-Watch Men's Digital Watch Black Waterproof Sport Timing Multifunctional Stopwatches 12H/24H Wrist with LED Back Light Large Face

It is Waterproof as long as you don't press the buttons underwater you will be fine.
Scratch resistant as long as you don't try to really scratch it.
LED back light for night time.
Has calendar week/month/date and alarm clock.
Stop watch function.
Military 12H/24H time. 
So this is a very functional watch.
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
if interested in purchasing please click this Link

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bluetooth Headset,Torondo V4.1 Hand Free Wireless Earpiece Sweatproof Noise Reduction Earbuds with Microphone Crystal Clear Sound for Business/Trukers/Driver Pair with Android Iphone

I am really enjoying this Bluetooth headset. I am amazed at how easy it is to get it to pair and work with my Iphone 6. My boyfriend has an android phone and this paired rather nicely with his phone also. It comes with a really nice hard plastic case to store it in. Along with three different sizes of earpieces. because we all know not everyone has the same size ears. you can wear it in your right or left ear because it has a swing arm design for the microphone part. The sound quality is really good and people can hear me just as well also. I like how it goes around your ear nicely and stays put. This is such a good quality headset. 
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
If at all interested or would like to know more about this please click this LINK

Monday, May 1, 2017

X-LIVE Wireless Bluetooth Headset Earpiece with Microphone and SELFIE Function (Black)

This is my second Bluetooth earpiece and I have to say I am much more happier with this one then the other. This one is very user friendly. It comes with easy directions on how to set it up and to link your cell phone. I have mine linked to my Iphone6 and it works great. There is up and down volume control. The ear piece fits nicely into your ear you get a piece of plastic that wraps around your ear to hold it in place. 
The sound quality is amazing the only problem I had was with other people hearing me they couldn't hear me to well. But that could be something I am doing wrong and I am sure after using it for awhile I will figure it out. It also has an on and off button on the front side of it which lights up red or blue blue for being fully charged and red for needing a charge.

I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.If you would like to purchase this then please click this Link

Micro USB Cable, Acode EL Light Neon LED Flashlight High Speed 3FT Micro USB Charging Cords Visable Flowing Flashing Light USB Data Cables for Android Phones/Pads/MP3/GPS/Game Console Bluetooth

I bought this for my boyfriends phone. It is such a nice LED USB charging cable for his Samsung cell phone. Now he doesn't have to worry about at night time not finding his phone. The lights are like a running set of lights that flash blue it is very nice looking and such a fantastic idea!
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
if you are interested in purchasing please click this LINK.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Large Bath Bombs Luxurious Serenity Gift Set

I love these bath bombs they are very luxurious just as the title says. You can purchase these as a gift because they come in a nice mesh bag with a card that describes each one. 
You receive four 6.1 oz. individually wrapped and sealed in plastic They smell excellent! They are Stress Free, Sinus Relief, Sunny Day and Sleep Tight. 
They also change your bath water the color of what they are along with leaving a very pleasant scent.
 I held one under the running bath water and it dissolved very nicely. 
I like how they are all natural and leave your skin with the fragrance of the individual bath bomb along with leaving your skin feeling nice and soft and moisturized. These are handmade in the USA.
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
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I can't believe all you get in this set of crochet hooks with accessories! You receive 22 crochet hooks all different sizes. Along with stitch markers, two stitch counters! A nice tape measure and handy sharp scissors for cutting your yarn. I like how they are small enough to fit in your pocket if need be and has a safety cap for the pointed part so you wont get poked or cut. Lot more comes with this it is well worth getting. You get a really nice pink carrying case all the hooks have their own spots. I am just so thrilled to have this kit. 
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
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