Friday, March 31, 2017

CoQ10 200mg Per Serving Enhanced Formula, 30 Vegan Capsules, Promotes Healthy Heart, Supports Cardiovascular Health, Assists Cellular Energy By NutriSuppz

My doctor recommended I take this for my heart health as I have high blood pressure and also to help with my energy by afternoon I was always getting tired. After two days of taking this I have noticed a big difference in my energy levels. I am no longer falling asleep in the afternoons. That is the biggest relief to me. I would be sitting visiting or in an appointment and I could feel my eyes shutting it was so embarrassing but not anymore thank goodness.
There are six benefits to taking CoQ10 they are as follows.
1) Improves Cardiovascular function.
2) Boost energy and stamina
3) Supports cognitive function
4) fights free radical damage
5) supports healthy vision and hearing.
6) Improves oral health.
These are made of veggie capsules with 200mg CoQ10 no added fillers or any other ingredients.
I now have my boyfriend taking these also and he has noticed a big difference in his energy also. So wel will be buying more of them.
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
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Great made in America dog jerky treat!

I just have to say these premium beef jerky treats are the best I have found so far. They are made with Beef, rice flour, sugar, salt brown sugar, garlic powder, natural smoke flavor and potassium sorbate as a preservative. They slowly are smoked for 15 hours to get the nice smoke smell they have. I tell you these remind me of the beef jerky you can buy in the stores for yourself. But they are not for human consumption.You have no greasy smell left on your hands when you give them to your dog or dogs. In my case we have three dogs. 
They come in a 16oz reclosable plastic bag to keep them fresh. I like hoe they are american made. All I have to do is move the bag on the counter and my dogs come running! So if they do that you know they have to be good. I know I will be buying these again.
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bandit's Biscuits Natural Grain-Free Crunchy Dog Treats, 10 oz, Peanut Butter

I have to say these are wonderful natural dog treats. I have two pitbull mixed dogs and one beagle, the beagle will eat anything but the other two they can be fussy. 
I gave each of them one and they loved them! They chewed them right up and looked for more.Now when I just move the bag on the counter they all come running. haha. I know I will be purchasing more of these in the future I like how they are all natural with no grain at all added.
The ingredients are Garbanzo flour which I never knew you could make flour from Garbanzo beans! I love Garbanzo beans I eat them right out of the can. hahaha anyways there is apple juice, eggs, ground peanuts, flax seed oil, and mixed tocopherols VitaminE for short as a natural preservative!
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
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Keliwa 36 Piece Artist Grade Watercolor Pencils For Adult coloring Artist Sketch Set of 36 Assorted Colors

I have never had watercolor pencils before these one. These seem fine to work with but I don't think they are like some of the others I have come across on the web. I went to u tube to check out videos on how to use them and the pencils I seen used on there seem to work so much better. These are great if you only want to use them as just colored pencils the colors go down nice enough but they don't blend with water that great I found. You do receive 36 colors different colors I had no problems with the assortment of colors there is every color you would normally use. They come pre sharpened in a nice cardboard tube storage case which I feel is very nice.
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

NatureMesh 75% Standardized HCA Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Supplement with 1000 mg of Extract per Serving.

This past year I have become familiar with garcinia cambogia weight loss supplements. These nature mesh ones I have found are really working well for me. 
There is 60 veggie capsules you receive in the bottle. You take two a day one in the morning and one in the evening before meals preferentially 20 mins before.
In a few weeks of taking them I have dropped five lbs and that was at the point were I was losing weight by dieting alone and hit the spot where no more weight was coming off. Then started taking these and I am losing again. 
The biggest plus for me with them is that they are made in the USA. Are all nautral and pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract. There are no artificial ingredients or added fillers.
They also have chromium in them. Which in itself is known to help burn fat and suppress sugar and carb cravings.
So I highly recommend these to anyone trying to lose some weight and feel good while doing it.
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
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Tescat 6 Packs Magnetic Key Holder, Key Racks - Without Drilling - Easily Installed By Applying Adhesive

I dont know if your like me or not. But I am always misplacing my keys! Now I dont have to worry about them with these adhesive back magnetic key holders. No need to drill unnecessary holes in your walls. Also you can attach these to any flat surface!

I have a couple near my door for my car keys and house keys. I also have one on my fridge for shed keys. I gave my son a couple for his home and his office. he has attached one to his desk for easy access to any of his keys. I have to say these are a great buy for anyone looking to not have lost keys!
If you would like to purchase these for yourself then just click this Link .
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.