Thursday, April 27, 2017

Large Bath Bombs Luxurious Serenity Gift Set

I love these bath bombs they are very luxurious just as the title says. You can purchase these as a gift because they come in a nice mesh bag with a card that describes each one. 
You receive four 6.1 oz. individually wrapped and sealed in plastic They smell excellent! They are Stress Free, Sinus Relief, Sunny Day and Sleep Tight. 
They also change your bath water the color of what they are along with leaving a very pleasant scent.
 I held one under the running bath water and it dissolved very nicely. 
I like how they are all natural and leave your skin with the fragrance of the individual bath bomb along with leaving your skin feeling nice and soft and moisturized. These are handmade in the USA.
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
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I can't believe all you get in this set of crochet hooks with accessories! You receive 22 crochet hooks all different sizes. Along with stitch markers, two stitch counters! A nice tape measure and handy sharp scissors for cutting your yarn. I like how they are small enough to fit in your pocket if need be and has a safety cap for the pointed part so you wont get poked or cut. Lot more comes with this it is well worth getting. You get a really nice pink carrying case all the hooks have their own spots. I am just so thrilled to have this kit. 
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
If interested in this kit please click HERE

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Randon Men's Multi Function Military Waterproof Electronic Sport Watch LED Light Watches Camouflage Green

If your looking for a really nice looking watch for the outdoorsy or military type in your family then look no further! This is waterproof only if you don't play with the buttons,the front screen is scratch resistant. It is made of PU Polyurethane Silicone band strap groove design with stainless steel back case. I like how it has many functions,Calendar Month / Day / Date, Alarm, Dual Time, Countdown, Hourly Chime,Water Resistant, LED Display, Back Light, Shock Resistant, Stop Watch.

You will get this in a nice tin box that has foam to encase the watch along with really detail instructions.  I like how it has a glow light option that glows a bright green pretty cool the glow light is green keeping with the rest of the color of the watch. This is just a nice men's watch for anyone to have I feel.
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
If interested in this watch just click Here

Monday, April 24, 2017

iphone 6 6s case,Yeuk Ultra Slim Anti-Fingerprint Hard Shell Solid PC Back Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iphone 6/6s(4.7 inch)-Rose Gold

This is a very nice iPhone case. You receive the case with a screen protector along with wipes to clean off the screen before putting the protector on. I have an iPhone 6 this fits really nice on it. I picked the rose color which is very pretty I feel and I have had compliments on it also. Its not bulky but it does protect my iPhone really well. I have dropped it a few times with no damage. The best thing I like is that I can keep it on the iPhone while using my GPS! No more having to take off the case and forgetting to put it back on anymore. I have a suction cup holder any other case I have to remove it.
I decided to leave a review based on my personal use.

FoVo Microfiber Blind Cleaner Shutters Window Blind Vertical Blinds Air Conditioner Blinds White

Now these are such a fantastic idea! I no longer need to take down my mini blinds to clean them. I am real picky on how clean my blinds get and I tell this does a great job of cleaning! I like how it comes with two cloths to clean with and also they are machine washable and dry. One of the cloths feels like terry cloth the white ones and the blue feels like microfiber. 

I like how the handle is easy to slip onto the blinds two at a time and you squeeze gently and slide across the blind and woohoo all clean! What more could you ask for?
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
if your interested in purchasing these just click HERE

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I must say having this double sided tape is such an added bonus. So much you can do with it. I received the 1 Roll 1.5 inch 15 Yards which is plenty for me right now. It is a very high quality tape. I hung up an 8x10 wood frame picture with it and to my surprise it is holding really well! I also tried it first on my painted wall to see if the paint would come off when removed and the paint didn't! 
I do a lot of different crafts and this is so very handy for all of them. Scrap booking I just cut the tape down to little sizes and use it instead of buying the little sticky-buttons. I am sure I will find a lot more uses for it also.
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience. if you are interested in purchasing this tape just click this LINK

Friday, April 14, 2017

100% Pure Forskolin Extract for Weight Loss

Well I have been taking this for about a week now give or take a day. The first thing I have noticed is my energy level is so much higher now! I wasn't expecting that at all. But for me that is an added bonus. 
I no longer have a hard time staying awake in the afternoons. I am not one of those nap people so I just fight the urge to sleep. But not since taking this I no longer have to. I am also getting so much more done around the house.  I also am the type of person that caffeine has the opposite effect for me.
I did lose 2 lbs so far while taking this. I am just hoping this continues and I lose more weight but if not at least I have energy!
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.

Fittest Pro Toe & Bunion Relief Package (Pack of 13)

These are very comfortable to wear. The gel ones make it so the area you are wearing them on stays really comfortable. In this package you will receive a pair of premium toe separators, gel toe stretcher and separator, pair of double loop bunion shield with toe separator, pair of gel big toe guard,pair of premium quality toe separator for making better alignment for your toes, pair of premium quality toe straightener for improving toe deformity. You also will get a one piece big toe bunion straightener. So in this whole set you are pretty much all set for everything to relief of bunched up toes and blisters from rubbing. I know now I can walk further without pain due to my sneakers rubbing on the bunion. My daughter also has bunions and I have shared this package with her.  I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
If you are interested in these please click the LINK

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I do have to say this is such a wonderful idea. I love how it is a necklace I can now keep my cat close to my heart. This is a very heavy duty waterproof, high quality Stainless Steel,no fading, hypoallergenic heart urn. The top screws off so you and use the plastic funnel which is included to add some of the ashes. 
The chain is a nice one also very thick it is 18'. Instead of wearing this all the time I am going to hang it from my rear window in my car. I think that is a nice way to display my affection I had for my pet.
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
If you are interested in purchasing this click this Link

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Zoodle Maker 4 Blade Zucchini Spiral Slicer Makes Potato Towers Floral Garnishes One Piece Comfort Design

 This is a fun kitchen tool to have. Makes your vegetables into nice thin spirals. Also you can use the vegetables after using the spiral on them as spaghetti. Makes really nice garnishes for your dishes.
 You receive the spiral with four different blades that slide right in the middle. Also comes with this is an end to hold the vegetable secure for you. And a ceramic peeler, also a nice cloth bag to store everything in. As an added bonus you will receive two pdf books. Losing Weight Quickly With the Raw Food Diet and Managing Your Life by Eating Right.
 My boyfriend is an executive chef and he enjoys using this a lot. This is very easy to clean with the cleaning brush you receive also. Just wash with soapy water be careful of the blades that are permanently attached.
 I like how there is a hundred percent money back guarantee if you do not like it! How can you go wrong with that?
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
If you would like to purchase this then click this link

Friday, April 7, 2017

Bunion Relief Ultimate Bundle Package

This package is great for all kinds of foot pain relief. You receive nine different toe separators.All are made from silicone or gel and one set is an elastic type of material. 1) Pair of simple toe separators.
 2)Pair of loop toe separators, 3) Pair of two loops toe separator, 4)Pair of one loop toe separator with bunion guard,
 5) Pair of wide foot cushion,
 6) Pair of gel pad bunion sleeves,
 7) Pair of quintuple loops toe separators,
 8) Pair of toe spacer gel, 9) Pair of loops toe separator. The two gel spacer ones are great for aiding you in painting your toe nails! I have tried out everyone of these and they are very comfortable to wear. They also helped with my bunion problem I don't get the awful blister on my foot now when I wear shoes. They wash up great with mild soap and water or plain water and just dry off. 
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Digital Medical Thermometer for Oral, Rectal, Axillary armpit Underarm Body Temperature by Enji

I really like this Family digital Thermometer. It is made of a durable plastic with a rubber end that has a metal tip. The end is flexible which I feel is a nice feature. You also get a clear plastic sleeve to store the thermometer in. 
Also comes with a 1.5 V DC Button battery which can last about 200 hours. You have the option of using Fahrenheit or Celsius. It is easy to change to either one just by holding the on/off button down for 4 seconds.
This thermometer can be used in the mouth , rectum or arm pit. You can also use this on your dogs! So this to me I is a very good thermometer to have. 
While testing for the your temp the display will flash until you hear a beep sound and that means the reading is ready. 
Also directions come with this which makes it very nice.
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Expert Chef Top Rated Spice & Herb Grinder

This is the greatest grinder I have ever purchased! My boyfriend is an executive chef and also a star wars fan. So when I saw this I just had to have it for him! It is made from premium aluminum very solid. There are 3 pieces which includes 2 chambers and powerful magnets. There are 28 diamond-shaped teeth delivering superb shredding power. The inside grinder parts are very sharp and it is very easy to clean and use. You have a screen also to catch all the powder parts of the grinding herbs you grind in it. 

We used it the first time with our fresh thyme we grow. It grinds it up wonderfully. I like how it came in a very nice decorated box so made the gift giving very easy. My boyfriend loves to show it off to all his friends and family I am just so glad he is so very pleased with it. This was definitely a good buy on my part.
I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.
If you would like to purchase this then click HERE