Monday, May 1, 2017

X-LIVE Wireless Bluetooth Headset Earpiece with Microphone and SELFIE Function (Black)

This is my second Bluetooth earpiece and I have to say I am much more happier with this one then the other. This one is very user friendly. It comes with easy directions on how to set it up and to link your cell phone. I have mine linked to my Iphone6 and it works great. There is up and down volume control. The ear piece fits nicely into your ear you get a piece of plastic that wraps around your ear to hold it in place. 
The sound quality is amazing the only problem I had was with other people hearing me they couldn't hear me to well. But that could be something I am doing wrong and I am sure after using it for awhile I will figure it out. It also has an on and off button on the front side of it which lights up red or blue blue for being fully charged and red for needing a charge.

I decided to leave a review based on my own experience.If you would like to purchase this then please click this Link

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